Steel & Spice

The Tudors Season 2 – Steel & Spice Steel and Spice

Join Rachel and Ken as they discuss Thomas Cromwell again, rather than anything that actually happened in season 2 of the Tudors. But hey! Look at the railing!
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Studies in Intergalactic Policy

We take a deep dive into the political record of former child queen turned galactic senator, Padme Amidala, and come to some spicy revelations.Find and follow us on…twitter: @critmassreachedInstagram: criticalmassmedia_tvFacebook: criticalmassmediatv.tumblr.comOr visit our website at

Every Show. Ever.

Clone Wars – Every Show Ever Every Show Ever

Ken, Phoebe, Rachel and Matthew are joined by special guest Jake to discuss Star Wars: The Clone Wars.
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  3. Umbrella Academy Season 2 – Every Show Ever
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